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Why choose us


We strongly believe good service is an investment

At Shutterjems, we believe that a good clientele service is an investment in both time, effort and money. Would you rather watch incompetent personnel fumble over your high-value event/occasion or leave it to the professionals to create lasting memories that will stand the test of time?

We bring over a decade of experience in event planning and orchestration including professional photography and videography services. In this digital world, choose only the best!



Experience is as important as it’s results

Photography and events results are important; as important as the experience. We bring together a pleasant and memorable experience while completing the event in accordance.

Our customer-centric staff and creative professionals can only mean that you will be are to sure to enjoy the wholesome package of experiencing a well planned and detailed service.


Customization and customization

Tailoring to your needs, we have a wide array of services at your disposal, from choosing your preferred customization of album book, photo-book, live streaming and events coordinator.

As a further step in distinguishing ourselves, our videography and photography also comes with a limited editorial re-run should you not be satisfied or have specific requirement of the media.



Timely response and audited customer service process

Our responsive customer service care is always ready to answer to any of your query.

99% of our received queries are responded within 4 hours, phones are always on the ready in various messaging apps and social platforms.



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